BHEL installs new non destructive testing machine at tube plant in Trichy

Tiruchirappalli: Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited has comissioned a new non-destructive testing system in the Cold Mill area of Seamless Steel Tube Plant (SSTP) in Tiruchirappalli. This was inaugurated by A V Krishnan, Executive Director, BHEL on Thursday.

Paul Jackson discusses UV light exposure limits

Paul Jackson, managing director of UV Light Technology, discusses the occupational ultraviolet (UV) light exposure limits specified by the EU Optical Radiation Directive 2006/25/EC.

Wenzel Introduces New Grind Burn Gear Surface Quality Control And Testing Capability For Geartec Gear Measuring Machines And Wenzel LH Gear Measuring Machines

Stresstech Rollscan R300

In a continuing effort to enhance the capabilities of Wenzel gear measuring equipment, Wenzel has introduced a new feature that detects any presence of grind burn or pits on gears that are being measured on any Wenzel GearTec gear measurement machine.

Software Filter From GE Provides Sharpest Non-Destructive Testing Images In The Industry

Flash! Filters from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, provide the sharpest non-destructive testing images available in the industry, enabling earlier and increased probability of detection (POD).

X-Scan Imaging releases sensitive Hi-Energy Line-Scan Camera


X-Scan Imaging Corp. introduces the XH8800 Series Line Scan Camera specifically designed for imaging high-energy x-ray and gamma ray scanning applications. High-energy accelerators and detectors such as the XH8800 are required to image large, dense objects such as metal castings and steel objects whose thickness can range from 4 to 12 inches. The XH8800 Camera also offers a high-performance solution for many other radiography and NDT imaging applications that can be suitably penetrated at energy levels below 450 KeV.

Gudron platform approved

Gudron North Sea Field

Statoil and its partners have approved the development of the Gudron oil and
gas field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

An X-Ray Machine for Nukes

X-Ray inspection of a plane

The government is upgrading the X-ray technology that detects flaws in its nuclear weapons stockpile.

SGS Becomes the First Authorized Inspection Company for Compressed Natural Gas Cylinders in Spain

Compressed Natural Gas Cylinder

On January 18, 2010, SGS became the first authorized company in Spain to conduct Visual Inspections of cylinders for compressed natural gas in road vehicles.

Non-Destructive Test System analyzes laminate composite parts

OmniScan MX

Inspection solution for laminate composite parts manufactured for aerospace industry is comprised of OmniScan® MX Phased Array flaw detector, MXU software, and selection of specially designed curved linear phased array probes and immersion corner wedges. Able to scan and inspect entire corner or radius in one pass, geometry of phased array probes, typically composed of 16 to 64 elements, allows for ultrasonic beams to coincide at a 90° angle to curved surface of the part.

Advantest brings terahertz material testing to commercial realm

For a long time, researchers have worked on techniques using the terahertz frequency range for material test applications. Japanese test system vendor Advantest now brings these waves to practical applications.

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